Monday, September 14, 2009

that boy

I am crazy about this kid. I adore his laugh, and the way he whispers to me his very important thoughts, the way he shakes his head when he tells a story, how he likes to give God a play-by-play of the days happenings at bed time, I love those teeth, I even love the big triangle that was knocked out the day he bit the concrete, I love that he wears that hat almost everywhere he goes just because his daddy has one just like it. This is the best & the worst of all ages, in my opinion. It is the battle of the wills........he's 2 & he knows it. But as he lay on the floor in the kitchen last night getting tickled by the tickle monster & just stared at him & thought my heart might burst. I am so crazy stinking in love with that boy. And it's a love that I can barely explain....which makes me much does God love us? It must completely consume Him - because I can't imagine loving these children any more than I do.....and I know that He loves them even more!
And then I I love His children well - all of them or just the ones that are easy to love, knowing just that fraction of the love He feels for them?
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Natalie said...

He's too cute! You can tell he's got a big personality just by looking at that!

Grace said...

I am catching up on your blog and this made me cry. I have to see y'all soon. I need more of this joy in my life!