Tuesday, September 22, 2009

sweet dreams

So, Lee was out of town for work & our basement was flooded & I spent every 90 seconds of the day emptying the shopvac, repositioning, running upstairs, making sure the kids were ok, repeat...like I said, every 90 seconds. It was good times.
And maybe it was because Lee was out of town, maybe it was because I didn't want to ride out another thunderstorm all by myself. but for whatever reason, at about 1030 as I am about to head to bed I decided to let the boy sleep with me. He wasn't crying for me. He wasn't even awake. But it seemed like a good idea. Sore all over, exhausted - hey, let's put a toddler in the bed.
I keep running it over in my mind & never does it make much sense.
Anyhoo, I do it. I pick him up out of his snuggly crib & put him in my bed. He sits up, tells me he wants to watch a video , I talk him into just lying down & going to sleep. He wakes up while I'm reading and tells me he wants to go back to his bed.
"settle in sweetheart, you're fine. night night"
Sweet - my baby boy sleeping so soundly right next to me. You can't buy this kind of happiness.
And the toes in my face all night - precious. And the falling out the bed 3 times - endearing.
The kicking me in the stomach - do you get the picture?
It was miserable.
I'm exhausted.
Lesson learned.
I'm grateful he likes to sleep in his bed.....because he's staying there.

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Ashleigh said...

Jeff is out of town and I ALMOST put Lyla in the bed with me. Then I read this. Thanks for the heads up.