Friday, September 4, 2009

cream cheese

I'm a frequent reader of this blog - partly because she's a Mississippi State bulldog fan, partly because she's real funny & partly because I, too, am a big ol fan of the cream cheesey kind of dips. And she's hosting this

Which I find to be a billiant idea on many different levels.

My contribution is one I can't take total credit for, but it is so easy, so yummy & so often asked for that I thought i should spread the joy.

1 pkg cream cheese
parm cheese - the powdery kind
wheat thins, fritos or those whole grain tostitos go nicely

Spread the cream cheese on the bottom, topped with the salsa, then the parm cheese - bake at 350 until bubbly & voila. Perfection.

happy tailgating, or to my dad who will undoubtedly host quite possibly 1000s of people on their porch this fall.....happy porching!


Jill said...

YUM! I'm so trying this tomorrow for the GA game...I needed some football food inspiration! thanks!

Heather said...

sounds yummy!! Can't wait to try this one, thanks!