Saturday, September 5, 2009

Heath, Neema & Katie

Have you ever seen the pain around you & felt completely helpless feeling like you can do nothing? Or watched from the comfort from your own air conditioned home as someone travels halfway around the world to make a difference...and really really wanted to do something? Well, I'm feeling pulled & stretched right now as I see the pain & watch others do something. And I know that we cannot ALL go - but we can all do something. And it turns out that I paint. And I am learning that my painting can actually make a little difference...maybe.
So, there's a "shop" in the making, but in the meantime - meet a couple of people we are hoping to help. Heath and Katie. 20% (with the goal of that amount increasing)of all profits from my painting will go to care for orphans - these are 2 courageous people who left the comforts of America to be the hands of feet of Jesus. When I read their stories I find my heart leaping inside of me to join them!! And this is the best way I know how right now. I would love more than anything for you to join them, too. Go here to see what I paint & stay tuned for the "grand opening."

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Jill said...

SO excited about this!!! Can't wait to hear more!