Saturday, September 12, 2009


Please answer me this.

Why is it that a child will grimace & refuse a bite of perfectly prepared baked chicken and mashed potatoes & then proceed to put a wad of whatever they found on the floor in their mouth? I mean, for serious. I have, honest to goodness, found myself pushing a cookie into my kid's face saying, "It's a cookie! It's sugar & chocolate & butter! You'll love it!" To no avail. I throw my hands up not understanding this line of thinking when just moments later I find myself finger swiping a kids mouth to get the SEVERAL pieces of DOG FOOD out!


I do not understand.

And then the other day it is POURING buckets outside & we walk to the car with an umbrella, you know, to keep us from getting all the rain on us. And my son, God bless him, will not get under the umbrella & still insists on screaming "It's raining on my head! Mom! I am getting wet!"

"Well, yeah you are buddy, get. under. the. umbrella."


What is that?

And why is it that it so clearly seems crazy to me watching my kids do things that seem to make zero sense to the normal funtioning human being......and yet it is what I do on an almost daily basis?

You see, God loves me. It's written all throughout the Bible. Now, some people don't read it that way - but that's because that we humans can often times read those words expecting that God has failed us somehow. That all the trouble that seemed to go wrong in Biblical times & the things that seem to go wrong today are God's wrong doing. And I think the foundation of the problem is this lie that we know better than God. Can't you look back on times in your life where you said "no" to the thing that was clearly right in the eyes of those around you?

And I heard it said so clearly the other day to me that 'you cannot keep judging the justice of God with the injustice of man'.....and isn't that true? We curse poverty & suffering & yet so many of us (yes, that would mean me included) are doing very very little to help those problems.

And back to my point....God loves me. And He has good, even great, things for me. For us. All within His plan. And we say no to the baked chicken or filet whatever, and foolishly choose the dogfood. We stubbornly say, "no thank you" to the umbrella graciously waiting to cover our heads from the downpour....and choose to be rained on. And then we blame God that we got wet - simply because we chose to stand in the rain.

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Natalie said...

SOOOO true! I agree that having kids that do weird things, totally makes me realize how God must look at the things I do.