Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I want DADDY!

Well, it's been too long since I posted. I know this. I am sorry. But it's been a wild ride over here. Lee headed to China for 8 days & though I was a little weary as to how we would make it - I was confident that not only could we handle it, but that we would make the best of it & have fun in the process.....popping popcorn, staying up a little too late, snuggling up in bed to read stories for way too long & just throwing the schedules out the window & eating hot dogs every night because WHY NOT!??
Well, that's not how it went. He left on Thursday & something, I can't even remember, but something happened on Saturday. I lost it. Crying & hearing my voice be a tad louder than the neighbors appreciate - so I called for reinforcement. My AMAZING mother in law came to the rescue.
I woke up Sunday with back & neck pain - I'm moving around like a robot. Monday AM around 230 - my big girl cries out in a strange way so I rushed upstairs. I can't lean down or pick her up b/c of the neck/back issue & she's crying.
"Get up. Don't wake your brother. Walk downstairs." Tender moment.
She follows me, I hold her hand & she snuggles in bed with me - all seems fine until she throws up all over the bed. "I'm never eating candy again!" she cries. We get to the bathroom, she takes a quick bath while I put sheets in the wash & new sheets on the bed. She's chipper as I've ever seen her. We're in the clear. We snuggle back up in bed. Clean, fresh sheets...all is good & giggly. She sits up.
"I need to cough"
"Well, cough then." And she pukes all over the bed ..... again.
Well, we only have 2 sets of sheets for this bed. So i lay a beach towel down with her blanket & put a bucket next to her.
"Where are you sleeping, Mommy?"
"I have no idea. But make sure you throw up in the bucket. Nighty-night. I love you." Meanwhile, my neck is KILLING me. I can't remember too much more happening that week. I know that someone was awake each night - which meant that I, the mommy-robot, was also awake. Yay.
Friday morning comes. Still dark. About 3 AM. The baby cries out. I get up to get her. Can barely lean over the crib to pick her up. But I manage. I lay down in bed with her. She pukes all over my sheets.
Now, why can't they spread this thing out. Like give me a week or two when I'm actually needing to change my sheets. She rested & then woke up throwing up again. And again. And finally settles down. The whole crew curls up on the sofa for some major TV time so mommy can get s little rest. The baby is on my chest snoozing & my boy was doing this......
He took one of my oil based paint pens & wrote all over himself. This picture actually does NOT do it justice. It's all over his stomach & both thighs.

You have GOT to be kidding me????

I wish I could say that it all ended there. Daddy flew home & all was right with the world. I got the bug in addition to this neck condition & got to go to the ER.

So that, my friends, is why I haven't updated my blog.

It's good to be back.

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Jill said...

Oh dear. Sure would have been a good time to have a great neighbor wouldn't it? Shoot. So sorry. Consumed in my own drama. I really do feel bad...I'm lame. And here you brought ME cookies in the middle of all of this? I need lessons on how to be more like you!

Natalie said...

I love reading your blog. It's so real! Hope you are all feeling better now!

Ashleigh said...

oh wow. wouldn't you know that would happen when the daddy's out of town!!