Sunday, March 29, 2009


So, I love food. I love to cook food - but i mostly love to eat food. Fun food. Food that would be a real challenge for me to recreate in my own kitchen is usually what I am drawn to. And Atlanta, GA is home to many o yummy places to dine! I have eaten at one restaurant in particular a few times before, but I ate there with a good friend the other night & I tried something that I cannot for the life of me get off my mind. Ecco has olive oil ice cream. Now, apparently it's catching on in other parts of the country, but I had not heard of it yet - and to be quite honest, I was nervous about trying it. Curious, but nervous. Olive oil ice cream with chocolate & sea salt....and the waiter completely recommended it. I am a lover of all things ice cream & this one could be topping the list. A-mazing.

They also have a fried goat cheese appetizer that'll knock your socks off....and the chili braised pork pasta is to die for. SUCH an awesome meal. All things that I wouldn't order all by myself because, I gotta tell you, those things just don't totally appeal to my taste buds......braised pork pasta??? Olive oil ice cream??? But they are AWESOME! Great restaurant.....gotta try it.

Ecco is offering a buy one entree get one free deal right now - but only for like the next week.

I've wanted to do reviews of restaurants for a while a very amateur just let me give you my opinion on some food type of way.....I mean, I'm always looking for good places to eat around here. Maybe you'll swipe an idea or 2 from here! I have another blog friend that has a list of some of her favorites....I'll hopefull try some & let you know what we think. Does that sound good? In the meantime, PLEASE let me your faves in the area...


Jill said...

OK, on the olive oil ice cream..I don't like olives...will I like it?? We are going tonight and I am SO excited!!

and 2 became 5 said...

Do you like ice cream? Doesn't taste a thing like olives. I'm thinking about olive ice cream now & it sounds pretty foul. I don't think i could've tried that. But olive oil.....mmmmmmmmmmm. It was so good! We went again last night!! We ran out of time so I couldn't get dessert, but all the rest was yummy!! I'm so glad you pointed me to this place!