Saturday, March 14, 2009

6 months

Wow. I cannot believe that she is 6 months old. So big! And so much fun. She is real smiley. Her favorite things are
1. for me to just look at her
2. for daddy to just look at her
3. for either of the bigger kids to just look at her
4. for complete strangers to just look at her
She just really wants you to pay attention to her.
She's noticed that there are 2 ahead of her & she refuses to get lost in the mix.
I was at Bible study the other day & she was in the nursery. I ran up there to get a bottle to her & the nursery worker was holding a crying baby & my baby was on the floor. The sweet lady just kept saying "I'm right here. I see you." She laughed when she saw me & said, "That baby just wants to know that you're looking at her!"
She rolls all over the place & almost holds her bottle by herself....I think she can do it, in fact I KNOW she can. I think she knows it means that I can walk away & therefore take my eyes off of her for just a moment if she does it. She's smart. And I think she still looks mostly like her big sister...but she's changing......
the jury is still out on that one.
Happy 6 months sweet girl.
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