Tuesday, March 10, 2009

and......he's home :)

Now, these are the pictures from when daddy came home....actually the morning after because the night he actually flew in all the power was out in our neighborhood & it was late so the kids were tucked in bed pretty quickly by candle light & the homecoming festivities were delayed a few hours. I am completely aware that my boy's hair is entirely too rock-star long, that his smile isn't perfect in this picture & that my baby has a little spittle on the side of her mouth & if you look closely in the last picture you'll notice my boy is playing with a pink doll. This is how it really was people. And I like to keep it real. They were so excited for the "China-bear" t shirts that they put them on immediately & if I remember correctly, I believe they slept in them that night.
The baby was ECSTATIC over the panda bear daddy brought her.
And you may recognize this guy if you have followed the blog for a while.....but don't let your eyes play tricks on you - they are not the same. We lost former china bear & this is his "brother." Also known as "china bear." Apparently these stuffed animals that these kids grow to be so fond of CAN, in fact, be replaced.
It was an AWESOME homecoming & we are so happy to have him home.
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