Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So, it's apparently going to be a long season for the Mississippi State Bulldogs & I have to say "Mississippi State" each time before I say "bulldog" because Lee has made it clear that there are "good bulldogs & bad bulldogs" - he's a Tech fan. And I guess I can call myself a Tech fan now as well. Which is good because I will have a winning team to cheer for.....I hope. But being that I have been a State fan all of my life, I will continue to wear my colors this season & I will teach my kids a bout loyalty & dedication & all of the things that pull me through seasons like this.......Oh, it can be hard to pull for State sometimes.........
For the game this past weekend, we all got decked out. Lee was annoyed that we had more State stuff int he house than Tech stuff so he headed to the Tech bookstore on gameday to load up. COINCIDENTALLY, i wasn't able to find the boy's MSU hat or the baby's MSU hat..... so the boy is wearing his jackets hat & so is my girl.....he swayed her with it being pink and all. But in the end I see, while Lee & the girl were out shopping she made it clear that she plans to attend Mississippi State when she grows up.
Smart girl.

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Jason and Lindsay Swain said...

Would you please remind Lee that he graduated from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. Oh, and please let him know that they are ranked in the top 25. It may not last, but hey...they are ranked.
Thank you,
Jason Swain

Rebecca Allman said...

way to leave Lee completely out of this picture! :)

Jill said...

Love it. You are right, they are learning good life lessons. No fair weather fans in your family! I LOVE them in their gear - we put our dog in a GA jersey on Saturdays and a Colts jersey on Sundays...I can only imagine what I will do to my kids one day..scary.

Margaret Weems Feldmayer said...

I must confess Lu's t-shirt isn't doing it for me.

Hotty Toddy!

Cousin Margaret
(a house divided, indeed ;) )