Tuesday, September 2, 2008

the scissors.....

After naps this afternoon, the girl wanted to cut paper. So I grabbed her scissors & some paper & sent her to the porch. I had my eyes on her....most of the time.....
She walked in a little while later & handed me the scissors. My head turned a little & I jumped out of my chair....."You cut your hair. You cut your hair! You cut your hair?"
Calm down, Davis.....it's hair. You don't want to communicate vanity...but have you seen her precious red tinged hair? She senses that I'm not happy - but I didn't get mad. I remember the words of Lee's parents...."Was it childish irresponsibility or willful disobedience?"
Childish irresponsibility.
It's a memory in the making. We will laugh out loud later down the road as we look at the precious family pictures when this baby is born....the big sister....with a mullet. Because that's kind of what she's got going on. A bad 80s haircut. "Business in the front, party in the back" Her hair was in a pony tail when she did it. So she cut the left side & the right side & the back is untouched. I look at it now & guess it really could be worse. the scissors are away for now.....for a long time.

Lee saw her when he got home tonight & said, "So you cut your hair"
"Yeah, it will grow back later"
I know she's right........I'm just trying to get a handle on it.
My child of the 80s.

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Ashleigh said...

I knew it as soon as I read the first line. SO FUNNY. I love that you have have a baby due soon too.. lots of fun pictures to remember this time! Thanks for the smile.. this over due giant pregnant woman needed it.

Ashleigh said...

and the good news is... she's still DANG CUTE!

masterworks said...

I had to laugh, Davis! My Bekah did the same thing at about this same age, only it was at the very front, leaving about an inch of hair. She wound up with bangs that I had sworn she'd never have - only she still does, 15 years later! :-)

Mary Harwell said...

Oh my gosh......I know you may not be ready to laugh at this yet but I am going to have to laugh for you!!! HILARIOUS.....especially the pic of her little lip poking out about the situation. You know it could actually be shaped up into a really cute little bob!! She is precious!

Susie said...

Hi Davis,

I really wish our paths crossed more often. I got your phone number out several times this spring as I was thinking of Randy. I am still thinking of Randy. Miss you and am so happy you AND your family are growing!!