Saturday, September 20, 2008

my boy

The boy, as you know, has been sick. He's not feeling sick or acting sick, but he is apparently still contagious so I haven't gotten to hang out with him as much as I want to.....because of this baby and all. So, today I finished feeding the baby & immediately handed her off, loaded the boy int he car & headed to the duck pond. We had the best time. He was so happy to be out & I was just enjoying the one on one time with my kid. He's got a joy about him that is simply contagious. He gets that from his daddy. I think God uses us all to teach each other a little something about Himself. God uses my children, especially, to teach me so many things.....but with my boy - i learn a lot about joy & tenderness. Oh, and you'll notice the GA Tech t was a big day in our family. I am a Miss State fan - and I'll confess it even after the game today. We were a house divided.

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maggiemae and family said...

hi its erin. i must have missed all of this excitement while i was out of town this week!!! congrats!! so EXCITED FOR YOU! i think i am about to get on the baby band wagon again. keep you posted :)

Ashleigh said...

we are doing great! I think after the third, tired isn't something you feel anymore. It's just the norm.
How are YOU doing??