Thursday, September 18, 2008


I am so eager to have a picture of the 3 of them together - I wasn't planning on the boy being contagious for our homecoming & i think that must be one of the things God is teaching me right now - flexibility & trust. With all the worry that can come with having kids - the boy being sick has just added another dimension for me. I was talking with a friend about it the other day & we described the happy medium as being "cautious, but not freaky." I have a tendedncy to lean towards the "freaky" side, at least in the beginning....zeroing in on that .00001% worst case scenario. That's not a happy place to dwell.
So, anyway, here are the girls. That big sister is so proud. And you can see by the serene look on the baby's face that she is just adoring this moment of being handled by a 3 year old :).
Get used to it, sister! You've got quite a road of lovin' ahead of you!

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Anonymous said...

I love seeing the two of them together and can't wait for Bo to join them. And I still think Lu's hair cut is ADORABLE!

Natalie said...

I love all the pictures!!! Both your girls are so beautiful! When are you going to let me bring you dinner???

Ashleigh said...

SO CUTE! Good luck getting all three in a pic. really. It's eventful.