Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Who will it be?

This is not a post about my kids. Shocker. Can hardly believe I found time to fit other realms of thinking into my brain....but I did & I want to talk about it. I'm wondering who I can really get behind for President. Strange. I wonder if I have gone into elections in the past based on a mix of my opinions, but primarily the opinions of others...probably because I never thought I knew enough so I leaned on the knowledge of people that I thought should know. So, I took this quiz.

It's actually got me thinking & learning about a couple of candidates that had I walked into the polls yesterday, would not have gotten my vote. It takes 2 minutes - check it out. Pass it on.

Happy 2008! It's gonna be a big year!

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The O'Brien Family said...

Interesting! I didn't score with anyone over 50. Not suprised though. I was a little suprised the one I scored a 48 with (that was my highest) was Fred Thompson. However, I don't think I am voting for Fred. I have watched him in several debates and the things he is taking stands on, he did not communicate them well to me....however, I too am still undecided! E