Wednesday, January 23, 2008


So we got a little snow. It was fun. It was cold. I actually didn't partake in the snow playing activities. Call me wimpy - I can take it. L & her dad had fun & the little guy & mom watched from the front door & then ran inside to make hot chocolate. I know that I have some friends from Minnesota that will be reading this - they'll laugh & make fun, but I live in ATLANTA - I don't enjoy the cold when it doesn't involve snow skiing. Here are some pictures from the day.....

We didn't get enough to really make a snowman, or maybe we did but the kids were napping at prime snowman making time, so we made cottonball snowmen :) Much more my speed. I used to love the snow & maybe I will again, but I am not enjoying cold like I have in the past.....I'll update you if that changes, but for now I'm sticking to cottonball snowmen.

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