Wednesday, November 14, 2007

washing clothes

Today has been a fun day. And I must admit, I wasn't expecting it to be. This past week has been especially exhausting & I am seeing the effects of it all around me. Literally. The kitchen needs cleaning, the fridge needs replenishing, the clothes have GOT to be washed, the kids....well, they are actually pulling me through today. I had declared today THE DAY WE WILL ALL HAVE CLEAN CLOTHES AGAIN day. So I got to work early, got the washer going, then the dryer, then the washer & the dryer, etc... During one of these loading & reloading sessions, I put B in the exersaucer in the playroom with L & I checked in on them. This is what I found...
She loves him more than I ever dreamed. & she's a gift giver. Kind of like a golden retriever. We had a golden when I lived in Jackson - actually, I think it was the neighbor's dog - anyway, he would bring us anything when we walked up....empty cans of tuna fish, my socks, my dad's socks, you get the picture. L is similar with her brother, as you can see from the picture of him sucking on an Elmo slipper that she brought him.

So, things seemed to be going well - I went back to the laundry & returned to check on them. And these are the faces that greeted me this time.

How 'bout them pink bunny ears. Look-in' snazzy there kiddo. And you can thank your sister when I pull this out for your rehearsal dinner.

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