Monday, November 5, 2007

I've picked the paintbrush back up!

This painting thing has really taken on a life of its own.....I started full force, then L was born & I stopped. Life felt more settled so I started painting again & then a renovation, pregnancy & morning sickness called for another halt. And now I'm learning that I will most likely always paint at some time or now!
I've picked 'em back up! It's been so much fun. L is at an age where she will actually sit with me & paint. How great is that?? So calming - & cherished time together. I actually, after almost 3 years, painted a board for her.

Quite an accomplishment I must add. Not that I have hung it on the wall. We do pray for her each night, that she would grow into her name & be "righteous" & not really in the 80s sense of the word :). Im sure you all got that, but for whatever reason felt it necessary to clear that up. Nevertheless, we should hang it as she is getting older, it will be nice to have that visual. And as for B.......well, we'll get there eventually :). Those 2nd children.

If you want to check out other things I have been working on - I have set up a blog for the boards.


Paige said...

It's beautiful Davis! I'm so excited about painting with you! You could expand your audience to older kids with this!

Paige said...
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