Thursday, November 1, 2007


Our halloween festivities were pretty simple this year. Lu is so unaware of it all that we just kind of let it be that way this year. Trying to simplify things & also figure out how to "do" halloween in our family is another reason to put it off one more year. When this time of year comes around, we see so many gruesome things that tend to make light of death or human life, in general & I know I can over-dramatize just about anything, but I have this strong desire to just hold on to their innocence for as long as I can. So we took the year off, probably more for ourselves. We so look forward to the excitement of both of these kids dressing up in their costumes & walking around with their friends in the neighborhood to greet other neighbors with the "trick or treat!" & then the sleepless night after too much sugar, of course. No halloween is complete without THAT, right?

Anyway. Next year.

But we had a great time. Lu & her dad carved a pumpkin ... & did a great job I would say. She was so excited she literally didn't know what to do about it. She kept running inside & outside & chattering the whole time. She helped me clean out the seeds & we roasted them & it was all very fun.
Lu went to a mother's morning out & they ate way too much of a lot of I don't even really want to know, but she had a blast & it made me smile. When I picked her up she had bright orange frosting all in her hair. No party is complete without it.

Then that afternoon we walked over to our friends' (Grace, Heath & Ashton) house & she sort of trick or treated for a piece of candy corn :). Without the costume, a little illegal, i know. But she had a pumpkin on her shirt & pink cowboy boots - which has got to count for something!
Last night, she helped me make a pizza for dinner & then she greeted the trick or treaters & gave them candy. All of this will help the excitement for next year.
One funny thing that happened last night - we live on a hill, so Lee was on the porch beckoning people to "Come on up! We have candy!" & they would make the grueling trek up the hill for a snicker bar. Lu walked down the steps & helped hand out the candy to one of her friends who was dressed up like a pumpkin. I noticed she just gave a "here you go" & turned to walk back up the stairs. So I said, "That's Luke, honey" & she stopped dead in her tracks, whipped her head around & just looked shocked - a look like "no mom, that's a pumpkin!" "How could it be Luke AND a pumpkin?!" She hurried back down the steps to just make sure. What I would give to climb inside her head just for a moment.

I hope you all had an enjoyable night as well.


Anonymous said...

Tim and I are looking at the site. Tim has tears in his eyes!
Love you.

The O'Brien Family said...

I did not know you had a blog! or blogs..
I so enjoyed catching up on your life...Lu and Bo are so cute!
I was reading the opportunities quote...have you ever read "Sheparding a Child's Heart" by Ted Tripp? You would love it, I think.
Also, I love all your art work....I am not suprised. I want 2 of the growth charts. Do you ship?