Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Remembering Will

Many of you know that many years ago I worked with children who were in the hospital. I was a Child Life Specialist & during my internship my supervisor asked us to come up with an "elevator answer" to the question "What exactly is a Child Life Specialist?" And to this day I still think about what that answer might is a job that is too much to explain on an elevator - unless that elevator is stopped for a long period of time. We basically were able to be with children/teens & their families through medical experiences - helping them learn to understand & cope based primarily on an understanding of development - but a lot just on who & where that family was. It was an AMAZINg time in my life. My dad & others often asked how I could handle this job - why would I want to do it. It's true that many of the children I grew to love are not alive today, but what a privaledge it was to walk along side such brave young people. I learned a lot. More than many people learn in a lifetime.....
I was sorting through some old emails & I found this one from a girl I used to work with in Baltimore. Many of us knew this boy named Will. He was something. He died after I left & our friend wrote this about him.....I had to share it. Will had many things to teach & we should all pay attention & learn from a wise little boy.

What Will Taught Me
June, 2002
Ripley’s Believe It Or Not: 8pm, Wednesdays
Beware of certain Chinese restaurants in the neighborhood
Matchbox cars can make a boy very happy
There’s no excuse for smelling bad
It’s okay to say you’re scared
It’s okay to cry when your feelings get hurt
Talking can be recreational
Listening can be the most important thing there is
Sometimes children know their bodies better than doctors
Love exceeds professional boundaries
Just because you’re waking up from anesthesia’s no reason to be rude
Bad things happen to good people and it’s nobody’s fault
Bad things can bring out the best in people
Love is always worth it
Compliments go a long way
Angels sing when they talk to God
It's fun to remember Will. The world was better when he was in it. But it makes me smile to think of him whole & happy & free in heaven. Singing his heart out....cause the boy can sing :)
Hope you enjoyed it.

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