Wednesday, June 30, 2010

it was another tear jerker

I learned that this thing would have come out a lot quicker had I remebered that slippery fingers do not pull teeth well. You know. No friction.
She was so scared & would go from begging me to pull it to crying & slapping her hand over her mouth. But when I took the bottom of her shirt & grabbed the tooth....well, it just came out. And she screamed & closed her eyes & she had no idea that I was holding her tooth in my hand. And I was teary & actually thought, "Wait! I'm not ready! We don't have our tooth-fairy pillow! It's out forever! I want to put it back!" I really & truly had those thoughts. & then she squinted up at me between sobs & saw what I was holding. And she burst out into giggles. And then ran to tell her daddy & her uncle Bobby who happened to be on the phone & got to share the moment.
And if that little bugger isn't wiggling for the next tooth to come out!

Too fast. It is all happening too fast.
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carretto said...

What a great pic!

and 2 became 5 said...

thanks! if i look at the picture long enough her eyes start to freak me out. still....good memories.

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Lewis!!!!
Love you!

The O'Brien Family said...

Way to go!!! How great. SF lost a tooth 4th July...but it wasn't even loose.....we ran into a pole in the airport in Vermont.....however the tooth fairy did find her way to Vermont! That was important!