Monday, June 14, 2010

He's home!

People ask me how Lee's trip to Haiti went.....and I try to answer the best I can. But it is his story to tell. I hope he will tell it someday on here. It may take him weeks, or even months, to really get the words out.
I know this.....he's changed.
It was so fun to be at the airport - we barely made it - but determined because of exactly what I knew I would see. The people that walked with him. The relationships that were formed. The people that heard his heart & shared a transforming experience with my husband. I wanted to be there for the hugs & the "goodbyes" & I wanted to meet them. It's been so great to hear Lee's stories from the trip & to see his pictures.....but what has also been really cool is to see other people's pictures. Sometimes I see a picture that someone took of Lee when he was in the middle of working or talking with children or friends. I see a little bit of this trip from their perspective. I would have loved to have been on that trip with him, but we knew that this was his trip. Not mine. Not even ours.
Like I said, this is his story. But I'll post some pictures. Here are some for now.....and I'm off to bed...and will post more for later.

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Anonymous said...

Oh please get Lee to post about his trip. How wonderful that he went down there to help. Love you all!