Thursday, June 3, 2010


My sweet husband is heading to Haiti pretty soon. And we will miss him so much!!! And we are so excited for him. Our oldest talks about a time & a place "where the earth shaked" & she knows that her daddy is going over to help those people. I LOVE the organization he is going with. They believe not in jumping in for a few moments & then jumping out....but rather in committing to a place, learning how to best help that community get itself on its feet. They jump in with them & they stick it out for the long haul....building relationships. Changed lives.....on both ends. They are only set up to serve in Kenya & Haiti right now. They are not spreading themselves too thin. They are truly investing in these communities. Here's a video from the 410 bridge & here's their blog & here's Lee's page. I will hopefully be tracking his trip as well. Thanks to all of you who so graciously have given towards his trip. You have absolutely no idea how encouraging it has been.


Melissa said...

So neat that your husband has the opportunity to go and serve. I am eager to learn more about this ministry. Thanks for sharing.

Taylor Wise said...

We will be praying for him!

Jill said...

Lee is going to HAITI?? OK, now I know we haven't talked in a long time...I'm so out of the loop. That is AWESOME!! Just talked to a friend today who just got back. Can't wait to follow along!