Monday, June 7, 2010

too big...too fast

What is it about wanting to lose your teeth? I don't understand. And I'll admit that I've been dreading this. I'm not ready for this milestone. I will celebrate with her. I promise. There will more than likely be cupcakes involved....or chick-fil-a ice dream, because I'm addicted & I can't stop talking about it....I mentioned that I liked ice dream to a friend the other day at the pool & she let me know that I had already told her. An embarrassing addiction. But there are worse things, right? Anyway, back to the melodrama of motherhood.... right now I just find myself in disbelief that she is old enough to shed those baby teeth. I remember sitting in one of my child development classes...I think it was the Hospitalized Child....and our teacher was talkikng about grief. About how grief can be partner to even the great things.
My baby is growing up.
They all are!
My oldest is about to lose a tooth & my boy is standing up at the potty & my BABY is asking to be potty trained! I was dumbfounded when that tiny little 20 lb 21 month old looked up at me & said, "Ina go tee tee mommy" And then she did. Right there on the potty. Now she hasn't succeeded since that moment....but still.
Growing up.
Too fast.
It's all just too much.
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