Friday, July 9, 2010

what was lost now is found....

It has been so long since I have blogged. Summer has got me good. I'm in slow down mode. We're learning how to take it easy again now that swim team is over. The big recent happening around here involved the losing of our beloved friend, Lucy - she's a lamb, or a sheep, but not a teddy bear. She's my big girl's bestie. Lucy appears in many of our famiy photos and I will be sad the day something happens to her. Which is why the days that she was gone were hard on her.....and on me. We looked everywhere & called everywhere that we could think of. And in the spirit of the celebration the Father puts on when his lost son returns & the idea that the Father actually leaves the fold to find that one lost sheep....and the fact that we just read a book where a cake is made to celebrate the finding of a little bear's lost trousers, we decided that a cake would be baked upon her return.
We had a swim team banquet one night & when we came home, daddy let us know that he had something for her.
"Close your eyes"
She fell apart into this emotional laughter, falling into my arms, almost crying....and remembering immediately that we would be baking a cake!
"It will say 'WE FOUND LUCY TODAY!'" at which point I reminded her that tomorrow will not be the day that we found her, to which she replied "It will say 'WE FOUND LUCY YESTERDAY!'"
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Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you found Lucy!

Ashleigh said...

This post is so funny and awesome. You are awesome. what a fun mom. We currently have a lost "camo" (a camouflage blanket I made for Brock, he has slept with it every night since I swaddled him in it... four years ago)and we will be making a cake when we find it because of you...