Friday, April 16, 2010

those crazy kids.....

See you tomorrow at the cupcake sale! Above is a sampling of what will be available.
Those crazy kids are at it again! With the team (Dan & Michael) headed over to Uganda with sixtyfeet in less than 10 days, the kids have multiplied & then divided to make an even bigger difference!

this Saturday (like, tomorrow) 10-12
TWO stands will be set up in the Atlanta area to meet your cupcaking needs
The Kirby's home in Springlake just across from the Ellsworth playground at Howell Mill & Collier
The Hartys Home - 2262 Lenox Ridge Court

The parents will be matching the kids' efforts for the boys to take to the children in Uganda & you can be a part of this!
Come out Saturday morning & grab some lemonade & a treat
and if you don't live in Atlanta....well, grab your kids & a friend & host a cupcake kids sale of your own. What a great way to teach your kids to use their gifts & their resources (piggy banks) to be multiplied & used for good things.
Let them be a part of something BIG - and then send us your pictures. We'll put them up for your kids to see.
Info to send tax deductible donations is on the sixtyfeet website

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