Sunday, April 11, 2010


I almost forgot the dying of the Easter eggs...I remembered late in the game on Saturday. When I realized I was out of eggs. And thus begins the panic that leads to the stress of the holidays...what is that? So, I got the eggs, we got the kids bathed & in their PJs & we started dying the eggs. The kids helped me fill the cups with water & vinegar & I hand the color tablet to my boy.....who pops it in his mouth.
He thought it was candy.
Don't blame him.
It's perfectly rational thinking in hindsight, but at the moment I didn't think so clearly as I am certain I freaked him out with my "spit it out! spit it out" yelling while jumping around the kitchen a little bit.
But from the looks of the pictures, he seemed to have recovered nicely.

And we had to wake the kids up to get an egg hunt in before getting ready for church. The baby looks pleased.

It was a great day. I can't believe I got a couple of good ones of all three! I'm kind of in love with them. Sorry for posting these so late. It's been a crazy week. Happy belated Easter!


No Drama Mamma said...

Wow! You always have the best picutes! Love that one of your baby!

Melissa said...

Great family pictures! And they sat still, I am impressed!!