Friday, April 16, 2010

a great afternoon

We battled the stomach bug last week & maybe I've been a little too conservative....but we've been laying low for even days after it passed, having what the kids call "boring days." And it seems we're in the clear so we loaded into the car & redeemed a coupon for a free Chick Fil A milkshake. We split 2 among the 4 of us & the played in the grandparents yard. I'm glad I had the camera with me...though I think I may be taking too many pictures of the kids....there are times when I will look at them & I can almost hear that *click* in my head - just trying to "get" it.
Don't let it slip.
Write it down.
Capture it.
It blows my mind to look at the older 2 & though I remember that they were the baby's age/size...I can't really imagine that they were really that's strange somehow. They are just who they are right now....size, age & all. And it's crazy that so much of who they are today is sort of similar to who they were back then.
Amazing creatures we are.
I should probably go to bed & stop talking all of this nonsense.
Nighty night.

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Anonymous said...

Those are darling pictures. Thanks for the clicks - I love keeping up with them through your blog. But can't wait to see them in person SOON!
Love you