Monday, April 26, 2010

birthday on a budget

Well, in response to our friends Dan & Shelly, we would like to join this spend less to do good movement...and so we give you....birthday on a budget.
Our eldest spent the entire morning wrapping up gifts from around the house, many that didn't even belong to her, and giving them (with great delight & pride) to her daddy to open for his birthday.
She did color him a lovely picture.....and then gave him one of her Easter books, her brother's water colors & one of his trucks.
Generous little sucker. It made our morning - we laughed all day about it.

and I almost forgot that she gave him the owner's manual for the lawn mower that his parents gave him :).
This birthday card makes me laugh.......

And after the baby & I ran out for a little while, we came in to find this precious picture sound asleep on the sofa.
Worn. out.
I guess from all of the finding of & then the wrapping of all the gifts. And from all of the smiling & laughing & the eating of cinnamon rolls.
It was a great day. We finished it off celebrating the wedding of a sweet friend.

A perfect day.
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ShellyO said...

That is freakin hilarious. Dan and his brother used to do the same thing as kids. They were supposed to give each other a "gift" for Christmas. Stephen (the brother) would generously select a toy from his room, wrap it up and give it to Dan. Dan would also chose a toy from Stephen's room, wrap it up and give it back to Stephen.

Anonymous said...

I love that last picture! My gosh, it is so sweet!