Friday, August 28, 2009

Nice to meet you Mary, I apparently, am Martha

For many years I have heard the Mary vs Martha analogy a lot. And I get it....I'm definitely a do-er & i think you have got to have a few do-ers...and I know that that's not all that the passage is about ...but it's sometimes just easier to make it about the do-ers vs the not do-ers. Well, the other night I got a sweet glimpse of that picture in my own home.

It's 330am & we hear a blood curdling scream from upstairs. We both leap out of bed, crash into each other at the bottom of the stairs, man down (not me) & we eventually get up there to see my sweet 4 year old crying & screaming in the bathroom. Just standing there & screaming & crying. And I know the look on her face - I recognized it all too well from 5 first trimesters.....and I keep running through this one in my head....I knew the look & i wrapped my arms around her anyway. Aaaaaaaaaand she threw up. On me. And on the floor, but it's the "on me" part that sticks out. We get it cleaned up, I run the towels down to the washing machine, Lee settles her in & she seems fine. 4ish am - screams, throws up (not on me this time) I grab the bath mats up & take them to the washer, get her settled back in

5, 6, 7 repeat....I wash more towels, strip the bed....all while Lee sat with her in the bathroom. Rubbing her back. Helping her get her new PJs on. Speaking softly to her.

And I know that both jobs needed to happen. But in the moment, one of them could have waited. And I knew it the next day when all she wanted was her daddy....the one who sat next to her & whispered to her words of comfort, and rubbed her back.....

and I'll never forget it. We will both sit still next time - because if I'm not careful I'm gonna miss it. When things get crazy I tend to get moving...and I'm going to miss those little whispers that come when I choose to sit still at His feet. What a sweet sweet, much needed picture.

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