Monday, August 24, 2009

icing lover in search of cake lover

I have come to believe that people are either "icing" people or "cake" people. I'm not saying that there are not people out there who enjoy the 2 things together - I mean, it would be crazy to say that. But what I am getting at is that say you have a slice of cake & you are going to "share" it with someone & you had to choose - icing or cake. Which would it be? And don't throw your "why don't you just cut the slice in half" at me. I'm trying a make a point & it's my blog - so there.
Which would it be?
Hands down for me it's the icing. I have learned in my old age that i could almost do without the cake, except that there's something about the 2 merging does something to the icing - makes it better somehow, especially layered cakes & the icing that gets caught in the middle - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
So, we got this big ol cake for New School Year's Eve and also because of some bitterness from way back on our wedding night when the caterer put not one smidgen of cake in our basket. And having to hear my mother say, "we were GIVING that cake away! We had SO MUCH LEFT OVER!!!!" Ugh!!!!!!!!! It still irritates the stew out of me......but I think we have found a solution in that we will have a cake every year for our anniversary. And Lee doesn't really even like cake, so I will gain 25 pounds every year at the end of summer to deal with my cake deprivation issues.
And as it turns out, our anniversary seems to coincide with the 1st day of school so I don't have to feel like such a toddler getting my own cake to deal with my obvious issues. So fast forward just a couple of days to about 10 oclock in the am, I sat down with my big girl to have a mid morning snack....of cake, of course. The snack choice of champions. And I did what any normal person would do in sharing a piece of cake & took all of the icing & put it on my plate & gave her the cake.
I mean, who cares right? She's 4. It's cake.
Well.......turns out that it does matter & that she inherited my icing genes. She was none too happy that there was no icing on her plate.
Which is a bummer for both of us, but mainly for her as I will need to find another cake sharing partner......and I think the boy is my guy.
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Jill said...

Me me!! I'm a cake person!! Phew..good thing we are neighbors. Next time you need a cake partner you just shout...

Natalie said...

I'm an icing girl! Yummmmm!

BTW: I love the picture on the top of your blog. What a precious family!

Ashleigh said...

FANTASTIC family photo. And I am on your side with the icing... don't even come near me with your fork, not sharing.
Thanks for the call last night... I was in bed. Yes, at 6.

The O'Brien Family said...

Me too!!!! Icing totally!

Anonymous said...

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Becca said...

I LOVe me some icing too . . . I need the corner piece every time :-)