Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Do something.

Do you ever hear about things going on in the world & feel completely overwhelmed? The news is enough to make me crawl under a rock. Lately I have had placed in front of me stories & statistics, and very simply just a reminder that there is life happening outside of my little comfortable circle. I am finding myself wanting to plug my ears & cover my eyes because at times the stories are too painful to hear about. If I'm honest, those reminders pour a sense of guilt all over me.....because how can I just go about my very cushioned daily routine knowing that people truly are suffering? It's been a real invasion to my life. And I find it tempting to call it overwhelming - knowing I can't fix it all, and therefore somehow let that justify my not doing anything. How could that possibly make me feel justified? Am i alone here? I am being pretty transparent.
But in this desire to 'change the world' - I'm not really that naive. But I do believe we all can do SOMETHING. So meet these kids. Realize that they are real, alive & living somewhere. In need of your help. Think about this. Pray about it. Pray FOR them. And do something. Spread the word.

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Anonymous said...

You have done something, Cupcake. YOU are the reason that I sponsored Walter from Nicaragua.
Love you,