Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Daddy's Girl

A picture to simply move past the shrimp pasta post. Thanks, Nancy, by the way for the recipe :). It's good to know how to get your attention.
I have a pretty awesome relationship with my dad.
My parents divorced when I was pretty young & I think because of that I became really good friends with my dad over time. I think maybe it had something to do with not being under his roof a lot of the time therefore there was never really a battle of the wills with him & me. I think that's correct english, but I'll be honest...I'm not sure. I've got some insomnia going on & my brain is functioning on 25%. maybe.
But Lee's on his way to Baskin Robbins to hopefully help. Help what? Not certain, but I think it'll do the trick.
Alrighty....moving on. I have a fun relationship with my dad. I wonder if he would agree with what I wrote up there? I should ask him sometime. So this picture of my big girl & her daddy makes me grin. They sure do adore each other. It actually speaks to me on so many crazy different levels. But I won't bore you with all the crazy drama that goes on in my head.
But just join me, will ya, and just look at how so so sweet they are.
In truth, she may have just wiped marshmallow cream on his nose.......but who cares, right? It's a great picture.
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Natalie said...

What a beautiful picture (no matter what they're doing). She's getting so big and pretty!

Anonymous said...

It's adorable, even if it is all about the marshmellow cream. And I love the post. When you found Lee, you found a wonderful father for your sweet children.