Friday, June 19, 2009

my birthday....again

Someone asked me recently what I have learned & loved most about each of my parents. Good question & it's brought back some good memories. Both of my parents cook well, as did my Dad's mother & my Mother's father- I think I get my enjoyment in the kitchen from each of them. My mother always celebrated well - a fun person. I feel the need to celebrate even the little things & to make birthdays & Valentine's day & it's simply really hot so let's make it a popsicle day as special as I can. I remember her waking me in the mornings by singing & dancing.....I get these things from her. I love to sing out a loud "Good Mor-ning!" to the kids & I think of her each time it comes out of my mouth.
My dad & I are similar in a lot of ways so there's simply that similarity that bonds us. He's a do-er. Likes to find solutions to problems. Very practical - he taught me early how to change a flat tire. A skill that has come in handy on many occasion. Family is incredibly important to my dad. Being a part of our lives on an almost daily basis is something he does well. Keeping extended family well connected has become something I crave & I feel certain that is because of him. I have fond memories of just a regular Wednesday or Monday having aunts, uncles, cousins & friends over for dinner & then meeting again the next morning for a pancake breakfast. Birthday parties were always a family affair & I find that I need that.....I think he has built that into my life. And I am thankful that I married a man whose family believes in that same togetherness. For each birthday or holiday you can count on us all being together....often aunts, uncles & cousins are present....and it feels so familiar. I love that! I grew up so close with my uncles & aunts & I want my kids to have the same. So here we are celebrating mine & Lee's brother's birthdays.....great memories inthe making....

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Melissa said...

Beautiful post. I love all those little things our parents taught us that stick. :)