Wednesday, June 3, 2009

computer problems

Well, I've been having some pretty major computer issues & can't upload any pictures.....and without pictures I see little reason to blog. I have learned that most people don't even read the words anyway, for example, I was on the phone with my little sister & she was looking at the blog. She would see a picture & say "what's he doing there?" or "where are you in that picture?" and I was like...."READ THE WORDS SLACKER" - not really, caroline - no need to get all testy right now...except that I fell certain you are not reading this. All pictures.
Anyway, I have some great ones.....of my tomato plant - I know you are all dying to check that one out and we went to Jackson to see my dad & family...and I had a birthday all in the middle of it.....good pictures...and no means to post them. So, I just thought I'd let you know.
And the quote of the day from my eldest......she filled up the watering can in the bathtub & brought it out to me to water the tomatoes & as she walks out of the back door lugging this heavy watering can she says, "I tee teed in the potty, mom. Not in the watering can."

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Anonymous said...

I DO read every word of your blogs and am so glad to see a new one today. But I am anxious to see the new pics. I'm also trying to grow tomatoes. Let me know how the bath water works out.
Love ya,