Tuesday, June 16, 2009


OK, so we took a much needed trip to Jackson to introduce that baby to some very important people....some of those important people were in Santa Fe - but we'll see her in a few weeks.
They celebrated my birthday while we were there which was such a treat! My aunt & cousin had this great cupcake cake made for me :) She calls me cupcake & that may or may not be because I'm somewhat obsessed with cupcakes.....well, dessert in general, but I was NOT afraid to jump on the cupcake bandwagon. And these, my friend, were A-mazing.

I truly love this picture because that boy was losing his mind. I think it's fun to have such a posed sweet picture interrupted by simple true reality....and that is why you never have to look at a screaming toddler & say "how old is he?" Everyone knows the signs of a 2 year old.
And that sweet granddaddy.....he loves these kids & the baby is a little bit of a momma's girl & doesn't sit well with many people....but she took to him. She's smart....he'll spoil her rotten :).
Hoping to get more pictures posted soon - the computer is still acting a little crazy......
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Anonymous said...

Yes - Finally!!! These pictures were great, and I did read everything, also. I wish I had been in Jackson, but can't wait to see you at Monteagle. Mom and I are eating at your dad's tonight so we'll make sure she gets to check out the blog.
I call you "cupcake" because you're so sweet!
Love you!