Thursday, June 18, 2009

my baby

Man, I could eat her up. Just looking at her makes everyone of us in this house tilt our head, grin & forget for a moment anything that might have caused the slightest stress. She has this captivating presence about her. I cannot imagine our lives before her. I LOVE HER SO MUCH! She is 9 months already - which is crazy. She pretty much feeds herself - 1/2 on the floor & 1/2 in her mouth. Crawls everywhere and into everything. We went to the pool the other day & she pulled up for the 1st time. I feel like she went from doing not much to everything overnight. The brother & sister are just as crazy about her. I am so so thankful for that. I came from all girls & Lee came from all boys so these are unchartered waters for us - which is good. But this brother/sister dynamic is not familiar......and we both love to watch them all together. Each personality brings out something in another. I learn something about myself & this amazing God who created us every day. Quite humbling really.
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Natalie said...

Seriously, how is she already 9 months!?! She just couldn't be any cuter!