Monday, December 8, 2008


The pictures of the kids actually on the big man's lap will come later, but here are some teasers. You may remember last year. This year was similar. The screaming. The crying. It happened again. I really thought she would have a break through this year.....She was ready. Talked about going to see Santa a LOT! She wrote out her list. Asked questions....she asked me that morning if elves were scary. That's a tricky question, but I figured the right answer at that moment was "no. elves are not scary. " I added that they probably weren't going to be there anyway. We got to the place. The girl held my hand & walked with great confidence....bag in hand - she put her list in a gift bag that had a picture of Santa on it - i thought it was clever. We got about 6 steps form the door & she froze. Tears. "I wanna go home. I wanna go home." I know her enough to know that her fears are deep rooted - they go beyond Santa & she can't be talked down. The worst thing we can do is let her be afraid AND not go through with it. I'm a believer in being straight up with my kids. I will always be honest. We will always do our best to prepare & plan. And when push comes to shove - we will walk forward - scared or not. So I got down & looked her in the eyes & said, "we're going in. we're going to see Santa & it's cold out here so let's get inside & talk about it."
We walked up to check in & I informed them that my oldest would be screaming. "She's not the 1st" the lady said. They took pictures & I asked Santa if I could take a picture of him holding her Christmas list so that she would see that he got it. And then she put it in the mailbox as well. Those are the pictures I have for now. I"ll post the others as soon as I get them.
Have you gone to see Santa yet? Do your kids freak out or get excited?

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KK said...

I can relate! However, last year we turned the corner and I had to pry the princess out of Santa's hands. Now, the monkey is another story. She loves men. We don't know what it is. Last Christmas I have pictures of her just staring up at him. This year...screaming bloody murder. Can't wait to post the picture!