Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas party

And then the day after the gymnastics class....we had the Christmas party at school. Baby was with a sitter so no threat of ruining the party. It was nice to give her my undivided attention. I put the boy in the drop off nursery & just spent that time enjoying the girl in her element. It's strange to see your kid's personality in an environment that you're not a part of - normally. "School" is a place she goes to for like 7 hours a week....but it's a big deal 7 hours. There are 2 other women who teach & model for her & 11 other kids who she is surrounded by. I am never sure of what she is like at school. She was precious to watch......
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The O'Brien Family said...

These precious school pictures...I still love looking at mine from many years ago!