Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve

OK, so it's Christmas eve & I realize that i have not done well at educating the girl about Santa. I mean, she was so freaked out about the guy that he didn't come up much in conversation. So I thought to myself, "Self, I think the Polar Express might be a fun movie to watch tonight to get EXCITED about Santa coming!" So Lee & the girl went to WalMart.
On Christmas eve.
At like, 5 pm.
Good times.
So they get home & we eat dinner real quick & pop the movie in. Now, all is going well. She's really into the train & how can you not get all jittery inside over that crazy hot chocolate scene!?
You may remember this story.
Well, this one turned out to be quite similar.
She was completely freaked out by the movie. As you can see clearly in the picture. I believe she was saying, "I don't like this movie. I just want to go to bed. I don't want to watch it anymore."
Me--------rry Christmas!
And, as a side note, I took that picture. Seriously. Who does that? My baby is crying because she's scared & the thought that comes to my mind is "oh, I should grab my camera - it's a kodak moment"
As I'm posting this I wonder if I ever want them to see this blog when they get older....I guess it could actually be very helpful as they walk into their therapists office - they can simply hand them a copy of this blog.
Anyway. We fast forwarded a bit & finished the movie. She was much better....but still a little afraid to go to sleep.
Christmas morning came & I think Santa redeemed himself......but I'm pretty sure we won't be watching the Polar Express any time soon.
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maggiemae and family said...

you should totally take a picture. as long as they are not in grave danger, capture it!! daddy was comforting her :)