Monday, June 9, 2008


So, several months ago, the girl picked up a "Nemo" toy that she found somewhere & LOVES it. We went to the Aquarium soon after & found Nemo there. With the swimming issues she has had we thought maybe letting her watch "Finding Nemo" would be a good idea. We decided to put it off - the opening scene is pretty scary - mom & babies are killed....not an easy one for a 3 year old. Well, Saturday night Lee & I put the boy to bed early as he was lying on the floor sucking his fingers - it seemed to be time. And we let the girl stay up a little late, eat ice cream sundaes & though Lee & I argued back & forth on whether or not we should let her watch her 1st movie.....we finally decided to go for it. We pulled out "Finding Nemo" & she was SO EXCITED! We dimmed the lights, got our ice cream - fast forwarded through the 1st scene - & pressed play. Well, in the 1st 5-7 minutes a big man, which she calls Spiderman, takes Nemo away from his dad. She looked at us in horror & said, "Is Nemo scared?" We wonder if it's time to turn it off or should we let her watch it play out & be ok......we keep rolling......and then the big shark comes on the scene. I gulp.
She looooooooses it.
Tears ... "I do not yike dis video"
It's off. And the damage is done.
I mean the tears wouldn't stop. We went to say our prayers before bed & she let me know that Nemo is NOT her favorite video & we prayed that Nemo would not be scared. NIghtmares....crying....occasional reminders that she's not a big fan of the orange fish or any of his friends any more.
Anyone else made a fumble like this in parenting???


Ashleigh said...

Again... girls are foreign to me. Brodey LOVES Nemo.. the more big scary sharks the more fun for him. Thanks for the heads up... I may need girl advice in the future!

Merri said...

There are *still* certain videos that we won't let Faith watch and she's got 10 years on Lu!

KK said...

Don't watch The Wizard of Oz, the green witch is quite frightful for anyone and Brian would tell you anything that has a clown, is horrible!