Wednesday, February 15, 2012

her eyes.

My baby....well, my big girl.....goes to the dr this week to learn about how her eye is doing.
She's been a trooper.
She is so responsible about wearing her patch for her 4 hours every day. I often don't even have to remind her to put it on. She just does it.
And when we found out that the littles were getting glasses, she didn't complain that they didn't have to wear patches & she did. She asked 'why?' & sighed a little because it's hard to do things like this all by yourself......but she moved on.
She's been strong & I'm so proud of her & I'm jotting it down here because I want her to never forget that I admire her for how she has handled this. It's not a big deal in the big picture.
We know that.
She knows that.
But she wishes she could see normally & if she can't she just wishes that she could not have to wear her pretty & fun as they are. Some days she just wants, and these are her words, "for people to not stare at me."
So. She's praying & I'm praying with her. And we would love for anyone reading this to pray about this part of her story......that her vision would be great. Great enough to say farewell to the pretty patches. And that we would completely trust that the Lord has a big story for her life & whatever that looks like, that we will rejoice. And God gets the glory for all of it because it's His big amazing canvas.
Not perfection. Perfection, or even the attempt or desire for perfection, keeps us clinging to ourselves or to another's applause. We want whatever it is that keeps us close to Him.
Patch or no patch.

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andyjillroberts said...

Love this post. You should be SO proud of her - what an amazing girl you've got there! I just love her!! I will be praying along with y'all...