Monday, February 27, 2012

27 million.

So, at Passion 2012 many incredible things happened. Which doesn't surprise me anymore. God seems to show up & the willingness & eagerness inside the students present tends to explode with love & mercy & justice & all of the things that God is about.
This year the conference stood for & asked the students to raise money to end modern day slavery.
This sculpture was raised & covered with items touched by people in bondage. The students wrote prayers & Scripture & their words as they prayed for & committed to be aware of these individual, precious people represented by these items.
I love that this sculpture stands for freedom, because that's what Jesus stands for.......& I often wonder if people really know that. I love that the people who took part in the sculpture know that & want the world to know & remember that Jesus cares deeply for these people & calls us to care deeply as well & act on their behalf.
This video was released this week & it's awesome.

Tonight they will begin a 72 day campaign for freedom. And you can read more about it here.
And all 2 of you out there reading this can at least know what this is all about. If you are in Atlanta & see this 130 ft arm reaching towards Heaven, at least now you know a little bit about it. If you don't live in Atlanta.....then maybe now you know a little bit more about some terrible that's going on in our world today.
More slaves in the world today than in any other time in history.
And this blog has served as a record for our family....& this is part of our tapestry now. It has touched us & I want it documented.
And so it is.
And as you go through the day today, remember the people who are trapped right now. We play a part in that & I am learning & agree that boycotting is not the answer. I don't know the answer to make this nightmare go away for these people. But I believe in prayer. And I believe the Lord has heard their cries & has called His people to respond.

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Anonymous said...

I will certainly offer up my prayers. Please let me if there is something in addition to prayer that I can do.