Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Lee & I were a part of Young Life while we dated & after we got married & well, once you're a part of Young Life it just becomes family. So, anyway, while we did Young Life, we had the privilege of meeting so many young people. Heath was one of them. I feel like I knew her better socially after she graduated high school - but Lee & our sister in law have known her for a much longer time. Anyway, she headed over to Africa like many people do & then she went back...and as her heart began to break for the children & the poverty - God put her to work. She has set up a home for children to live in. A safe place under the care of a widow. These kids have sponsors & are cared for nutritionally now & educationally & medically & spiritually & they are able to have a better chance.

Not everyone is asked to go to Africa & serve these children. But there's no doubt that when someone does, we all can play a part. Her life is actively involved with setting up this ministry, Takes A Whole Village - & she & these kids (& MORE kids!) could use some help. We can buy a shirt that will help so many! And it's really just giving up a few cups of coffee for us.

So, will you help us meet the goal of selling just 200 shirts? Will you then help to spread the word? Click on the shirts & you be taken to the site where they are being sold - it's easy. And if you go to the blog part of the page - you can grab a button to help spread the word. And if you're on facebook, find the Neema Shop & become a fan. These will only be avail ale until March 12. And, hey, you get a tshirt just for helping some kids on another continent who could really use the help - even if it's just understanding that somewhere, in another country, people they may never meet cared about them enough to buy a shirt.


Melissa said...

Thanks for commenting!
I did not know you had a blog? It is fun to read blogs of real humans you know! Hope to run into you soon!

Ashleigh said...

I think your Neema button isn't working. Might just be me. I clicked on it on two separate days and keep getting an error message? Just me?

neema said...

button fixed!!

Melissa said...

I ordered a shirt. Maybe I can get if from you when you go to the gym. Let me know.

Anonymous said...

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