Friday, March 12, 2010


A friend sent a blog post to me recently that left me...I don't know the word, but I've never been accused of not being able to muster up here goes, I was exhausted from crying, but I was so energized by the very real-ness of the story I had just read. So often we have to fill in the blanks for the what-to-says or what-to-dos because often of the fear to be brutally honest. We make big auumptions on what a person may be thinking or feeling because we are wither afraid to "pry" or the other if afraid to be totally honest.
So we play the guessing game.
Kelle, the author of this entry, had friends meet her in all the ways she needed & she was honest about her weaknesses & her anger & grief ......& when you're honest like make it known that there's a hole that needs to be filled......and then someone can actually at least help carry you. I think it was brave of her. I don't think I know enough people like her willing to show the knee scrapes along the way. But I find that all the scrapes make her love even more beautiful. Maybe it's because I trust that she's telling the truth. Maybe it's because anyone can say they love someone......but I think, & i think you'll agree after reading this, I think that she really really means it. And her love....makes me want to love. More. It makes me want to love more. I felt such freedom & joy in her willngness to be completely open. I think their story is going to be on CNN Tuesday night. The info is on her blog.


Melissa said...

What an amazing story. I so appreciate your honesty. Thanks for sharing!

Melissa said...

I meant her honesty.