Friday, March 12, 2010

"God loves me....."

It is too easy to make "needs" far away. It's too easy to place ourselves in comforatble settings & then consider ourselves helpless to help others. It has become too easy for me to go about my day enjoying my daily comforts & not remember that others are in need.
Technology today can bring so many scary things into our homes & into our hearts......but it can bring some pretty amazing things as well. It's that way with freedom. With free-will. There is such amazing potential to do amazing things.....and then there are those who do terrible things.
Here's an example of something beautiful happening on the other side of the planet - and though you cannot touch or feel these things from your own computer - Compassion brings us pretty close. Try to remember that these stories are real. And that we actually have the power to change a life & to gain so much by it.

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