Saturday, December 5, 2009

SHE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow! It was a big day for us. If you've read this blog for anytime now - and chances are real good that all former readers have simply abandoned any hope that I would ever update again....and I'll admit that I wondered myself from time to's been a little wild around here & I won't bore you with the details.....and I'll move on.
OK, where was I? Oh - right. If you've followed our little family for anytime then you will remember Santa visit here & Santa visit here. That big girl of mine has been talking about seeing Santa since around July. She does a great job of talking herself into things but you never really know how it'll pan out until the rubber meets the road, or in this case when my almost 5 year old actually catches a glimpse of the man in the big red suit.
She was a champ!!! I wore a shirt with Santa on it to help get things going & they told him that :) - they said, "YOU are on my mom's shirt!"
I was so proud. My boy has never had a problem & the baby was fine last year when she wasn't old enough to know that the whole thing is just a little weird. All of that was quite clear to her this year & she screamed her apparent displeasure for all to hear.....and for all to ignore. Poor thing. She recovered nicely & I hope to have those pictures back soon to post....but for now, this is all I got.

Look at that baby...she still looks a little undone, doesn't she? Well, it's not Christmas without a little terrifying trip to see Santa Claus - then man who is supposed to make all of your Christmas wishes come true......

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rebecca said...

Bo looks older in this picture! We miss y'all

James 1:27 Family said...

Love seeing your babies! Thinking of you....

Love in Jesus,

Anonymous said...

Please tell Lewis how proud I am of her! What a big step.
Love ya'll,
ps - Sooooo glad you've updated the blog!