Saturday, December 12, 2009

not the Christmas card

I actually almost put together a collage of these pictures plus others to truly be our Christmas card because it really is the picture of Christmas. Not because we've got it all together did God come to save us but even at our very worst He still calls each of us to Himself. Someone said once something to the effect of God never said "don't sin and then I'll love you" - He always knew we would never get that part right. He never asks us to be perfect on our own. But rather He loves us like the good Father He is - always helping to put us on the best path. Loving us through our stuff - begging us to just lean on Him so that His grace will fill us up - that grace that we simply don't deserve. When that part fills up my heart I am free to give it away - to love others out of that knowing that I am so fallen short & will never get it right. Knowing that I can love others that also will never get it right. It's when we think we actually can get it right that we miss the true grace that came with Christmas.
he saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy...Titus 3:5 we are. Me with my bra peeking out, my baby checking out something intriguing & my boy.....pitching a fit.

who knows....

Big sister with the baby in a choker hold. This one is my favorite. That angelic look on her face & the baby screaming. Like a messed up Norman Rockwell image.
So here's to getting that heavy burden of trying to be perfect off your back so that you can actually be free to love others. Jesus took that one on for us.
Merry Christmas!
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Jill said...

That last picture is hilarious!! Great entry. Oh, and I'm eating a chocolate cupcake with coffee icing from Mattie Cakes...thanks (I THINK I thank you...) for introducing me to this yummy goodness. =)