Thursday, October 29, 2009


We're at soccer practice this afternoon and after some dribbling practice & goal shooting practice, the girls ran all the way to the other side of the field to kick balls against the wall. My girl comes running back & says "I don't have a ball"... so, we point her way across the other direction of the field to a cart with several soccer balls in there & I believe there were one or two on the ground nearby. And we noticed a man that we thought we knew standing near the cart....we thought he could surely help her. Well, he doesn't know her & she doesn't know him & there was no eye contact so the moms are watching from afar with other, smaller, non-soccer playing siblings and we're all wondering how this will turn out. First of all, she doesn't notce the ball on the ground. She only spots the many balls in the cart. She realizes that she can't easily get to the balls all by herself so she glances at this man, who just doesn't see her...she had gotten into some trouble at home for interrupting me countless times while on a phone call just this afternoon, so I knew she wouldn't dare try to get his attention. She starts her climb into the ball cart. I realize she might need a hand, though I really am curious to see if she can work this out on her own. I start over that way, snap a picture real quick, and lo and behold, she gets that ball out of there all on her own. I'm so glad I took this picture.

Proud momma of a problem solver.
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Ashleigh said...

awesome awesome awesome photo.. love it!

Anonymous said...

That is adorable!!!

Natalie said...

A picture's worth a thousand words, right? You could have retold this story to her in ten years, or you could have the photo proof. Good choice going with the photo.

rebecca said...

That's too funny!!! I love it!