Friday, October 2, 2009


I have found myself in a place where I don't know how to blog what's going on in my heart.....I want to say things, but am unsure as to how. I heard someone say once to beware when you learn you have just one person reading you will find yourself compromising your words to "entertain" that one. I am not sure if that's totally it.....maybe it is....either way, until I figure out my words I'll just "entertain" you with pictures........and boring little stories to go along with, for instance, please would you check out her little buns on her head! I am learning to braid, twist, bobby pin & hairspray (a product I am a bit unfamiliar with but now my 4 year old uses it)...all of this for a ballet class. But she loves it. And her teacher is precious! She helps these children dance as a form a praise....dancing for an "audience of ONE"'s a theme for us right now....a tough theme for each of us in this sweet family.
Being present to see her learn in her little world how simple it can be to LOVE the LORD in everything you do..... practice for her growing heart as her allegience is challenged. I find myself challenged & having to sift through all the allegiences I have allowed to creep in through the many years of my life. And I find myself longing for the innocence of childhood. To dance.......for an audience of ONE.
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