Monday, October 26, 2009


I will never be one to claim that I know so much about the details of how to play football, but my 41/2 years at Mississippi State sure did burn a love for the game (actually it's mostly only when State is playing but nonetheless) into my heart. And Saturday was a fun game to watch. There was lots of chatter surrounding the upcoming game, not because State was supposed to give the Gators a real run for their money - i think FL was favored by like 22 points or something. No, it was because our coach is the former offensive coach for Florida & good friends with Tim Tebow.
And we didn't pull out a win (though a bad call by the officiating crew may have changed this game dramatically), but we sure gave them our best & I couldn't be more proud ... and it was this play that sent me into that weird laughter that comes when something so unbelieveably awesome happens you think you might actually cry.....not you? Well, I'm emotional.....I cried. Check it out if you didn't get to see it for yourselves.

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Jill said...

NO shame in crying over football. I may or may not have shed a tear over the game myself...can neither confirm or deny that...